Our Commitment to Patients and Advocacy Organizations

The entire Cyclo Therapeutics team is committed to collaborating with patients and advocacy organizations around the world. Together, we share a common goal to raise awareness and improve the lives of patients, their families and caregivers affected by rare and serious diseases.  Our most advanced drug discovery program is focused on Niemann-Pick Disease Type C (NPC), a rare genetic disease characterized by the body’s inability to transport cholesterol and other fats and oils inside of cells. We are working tirelessly to advance our Phase 3 study, currently the most advanced clinical research program underway, to identify a treatment for NPC.

While our commitment to serving patients is engrained throughout every part of our organization, the Patient Advocacy function at Cyclo Therapeutics serves as a liaison between our company and members of the patient and advocacy community. We work together in areas of mutual interest and in accordance with our company values and local country regulations, and we seek to work with Advocacy organizations that follow the same principles. We believe this connection to the patient community makes us stronger and more informed as a company, and it inspires us in our work every single day.

Letter to the NPC Community
from our CEO Scott Fine

At Cyclo Therapeutics, we:


  • Believe the voice of the patient community is critical and should inform our decision-making process.

  • Seek out feedback and perspectives from the patient community along our journey as a company and will share our progress and key learnings with you as we are able.

  • Listen to and value collaboration with advocacy organizations and commit to supporting and working with organizations around the world that share our common values.

  • Follow regulations set forth in countries that state how we can and cannot engage with patients and organizations.

  • Focus upon our role of raising awareness and addressing the needs of the NPC community as part of our global drug development program.

  • Persevere relentlessly in our scientific pursuits with the safety and best interests of the NPC community in mind, and follow clinical trial protocols, regulations, and medical privacy rules.

  • Lead innovative strategy discussions with regulatory authorities around the world to ensure alignment of the most appropriate and expeditious path for approval of safe and effective therapies for the NPC community.

  • Finally, aspire to continue to learn and evolve based on our engagement with the NPC community, and welcome the opportunity to hear from you. Please reach out to us at Lori.Gorski@cyclodex.com with feedback or suggestions.

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